Chatham Housing Authority
240 Crowell Road
Chatham, MA 02633
Phone: (508) 945-0478
FAX: (508) 945-5666


State Chapter 667 - Elderly & Non-Elderly Disabled

We have 40 units in the 667 program. These are located at the"Anchorage" on Crowell Road. Eight of these apartments are set aside for Non-Elderly Disabled tenants while the rest are for those over the age of 60.

State Chapter 705 - Family

We have 12 Family units.  10 are townhouse style units, 2 of which have two bedrooms and 8 of which have 3 bedrooms. In addition we have two Wheelchair Accessible apartments, a 2-bedroom and a 3-bedroom.

Massachusetts Rental Voucher - MRVP

Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program, begun in 1991, is a program for a limited number of low income families to remain in scattered-site, privately-owned rental housing throughout the community. The family contributes what the Commonwealth determines to be a fair share of allowable rent with a voucher subsidy paid directly to the landlord to make up the difference.

667-2 Congregate Housing

Congregate Housing is an innovative concept in housing which offers a shared living arrangement to elders. This program provides an alternative to premature nursing home or rest home placement. Congregate Housing offers affordable housing, together with the supportive social and health services needed to assist individuals in continuing to live independently. 

Congregate living promotes socialization and companionship while providing security and privacy. It is not a medical facility and therefore is not appropriate for anyone who requires 24-hour care or supervision.  Click here for more information about Congregate Housing. 

Town Rental Assistance Program

This program is available to those who work in town, live in town or have children in the Monomoy School system.
 It offers those who qualify up to $350 a month to off-set rent. It is a three year program and is designed to be a helping hand to those in need.

MCI/Escrow Program

This is a program we run for the town. We currently have 5 houses that are part of the program. These houses are leased to qualified families for a 5-year term. Half of their rent is set aside in an escrow account and at the end of the five years, it is available to them for a down payment on a home of their own. See Documents for the current application.